What Our Clients Say

Yang (Kelly) Yang, Vice Director of EMBA Education Center, Guangxi University Business School said …

“The series of seminars arranged by Numerator Management have been impressed in our minds. From the start to the end, the programs, the professors, the corporate visits, the hotel and the meals have all been planned well. In this journey, the students have achieved not only progressive knowledge about marketing and management, but also the history of Chicago, the communication with corporate executives and the local delicacies. The most exciting thing was that we had the chance to listen to a lecture from Professor Don Schultz, the outstanding master and founder of Integrated Marketing Theory in the world. When it came to the end, we had no doubt that it was a wonderful journey.”


Eileen Jianxun Yang, Executive Dean, Sun Yat-sen University said …

I have taken groups of EMBA students from Sun Yat-sen University to have a two-week study at Northwestern University since 2004. Professor Caywood and his team prepared  tailored curriculum design for us, and good hospitality assistance. Not only did we listen to renowned professors teaching in the classroom, but also we had opportunities to visit U.S. companies in the Chicago area . Mrs. Mary Caywood gave us a lot of help. She even invited all the students to their beautiful house for drinks. The students learned a great deal from the study. I would like to thank Professor Caywood and Mary for their dedication and professionalism to their work!

从2004年开始, 我带领中山大学EMBA学员到美国西北大学参加为期2周的学习. Professor Caywood教授和他的团队为我们准备了量身定制的学习计划, 并且给我们较好的生活服务安排. 我们不仅聆听了美国西北大学知名教授的授课, 同时我们还有机会参观美国的大企业并与他们高管交流. Professor Caywood教授夫人玛丽给我们很多帮助, 她还邀请所有的学员去他们家里做客. 每次西北大学之行我们都收获颇丰, 我非常感谢Professor Caywood教授和玛丽, 尤其他们的敬业精神和付出!

杨艾琳 执行院长 中山大学深圳研究院